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Why choose us ?

ACA CERTIFICATION is the only professional service you want to use when the time comes to have your cards graded or have an autograph authenticated.


  • Our bilingual service is the most accessible and economic in Canada.
  • You can find us at various collectibles conventions and gatherings.
  • Our unique methods will prove the authenticity of your collectibles and secure purchase transactions or sale of these items.


  • Our protective holders are ultra-modern and well-designed and can accomodate any style of cards whether they are regular-sized cards, thick patchs, vintage cards and even un-opened packs!
  • We are the only serious company in Canada that offers Patch-cards and wax packs grading and sealing.
  • Our protectors, the most recent on the market, are polycarbonate-based, like the material used to make hockey helmet visors and offers added protection to prevent scratches and UV rays damage.
  • We are not a production chain, we offer a personalized service for each and every card that's sent to us. Each one gets a fair evaluation.
  • Each item receives it's own barcode that can be verified throught our Population Report. Yes, ACA Certification is the only Canadian company that offers information throught it's database directly from our website.


  • An in-depth expertise will be performed on any item you send us by using a microscope and UV lighting.
  • We are working with highly respected experts in documentation and handwriting.
  • We put a barcode hologram, respecting a high standard of security, as well as invisible ink on your object.
  • We give you an original Certificate of Authenticity that can't be reproduced, only replaced, in case of loss.
  • We add your items in our data bank with photos, accessible directly on our website.


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