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Who are we ?


ACA CERTIFICATION is a the rising star when it comes to card grading. We're a Canadian company which combines diversity and quality at low cost that will optimize the value of your collectables.

ACA is a company specialized in card grading and certification of autographed items. It's main office is located in Saint-Constant, Quebec.


We use a 10 points certification process which includes verification of centering, corners, cutting, color, borders, size, quality image, recording and micro imperfections. The cards are measured, looked at under a microscope using special lighting including UV. You can be assured that your cards are properly and professionally evaluated each time.

In addition, the label identifying your card will have information concerning "subgrades" at no additional cost. We are also able to grade and seal your thick Patch cards, a first in Canada.

ACA seals cards using an Ultrasonic press in a high-quality plastic case made of polycarbonate, more resistant to scratches and better suited to protect your cards against UV rays. Our holders are visually attractive by it's curvyness reminiscent of the clean lines of products such as Apple iPods and it is very effective to properly protect your cards. You will be seduced by the new concept proposed by Canadian designers and creative professionals.



We are very excited by our new service unique in Canada. Always on top of things, we make sure to be on the cutting edge while providing an optimal product. This new branch allows you to maximize the collection of products that might be currently sleeping in your closet signed by the hand of your favorite actors or athletes. Whether it's a vinyl record of Michael Jackson or a shirt signed by Guy Lafleur, our professional services is what you need.

Organizing an event with an athlete or a famous person ? Call us so we can offer our Certification services on-site. It's a quality product at a resonable price which allows you to enhance the autographed items.


Remember, do not leave your cards to deteriorate or your signed items without certification, ask for a service unique in the world of collecting by using a proven expertise service with and competitive price : ACA Certification!


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