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Autograph authentication


Our 4-point Autograph Certification process


Verification of the signature1- Verification of the signature

Our review begins with the study and analysis of the ink used. Then we compare the writing using a bank of signatures of the person. Then we look at your item under UV and microscope. When the item requires further expertise we consults experts holding the highest standards of certification in the field of graphology and expertise in writing in the legal world.


Letter of certification2- Letter of certification

When your collectible has gone throught our unique process, we proceed to it's authentication. The first step is giving it a serial number. After, the document is submitted for authenticity. This letter of certification has a security code that cannot be copied or scanned correctly. When you try to reproduce it, the words "unauthorized copy" appears on the certificate.



Protection of the object certified3- Protection of the certified item

A hologram respecting high security standards is affixed to the object and invisible ink with "ACA Grading certified / certified" is added. This ink may be visible only under UV light. When someone tries to take it off or wash the mark, detectable UV residue is found and makes the Certification invalid.


4- Entry of the item in our Population Report database

This validates the authentication by ACA Certification. This protects collectors when it comes time to buy or sell an item from their collection. This service gives you better tools to sell your items on various auction sites or at shows.

Population Report





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